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Treating conditions such as Arthritis, Fractures, Rotator Cuff Tears and others

At Sports Physicians Orthopedics and Rehabilitation of Texas (SPORT), we treat athletes with a variety of shoulder and elbow injuries. The shoulder is one of the most versatile joints in your body. It provides a substantial amount of flexibility and range of motion. Because of this, it is one of the joints most vulnerable to pain and injury.

Athletes who participate in sports that require overhead and rotational motions such as baseball, softball, swimming, weight lifting, gymnastics, volleyball, and tennis are most likely to incur shoulder injuries.

Shoulder conditions diagnosed and treated at SPORT include:

The rotator cuff is a group of shoulder muscles and tendons that attach to the head of the humerus, or upper arm bone. A rotator cuff tear is the most common shoulder injury. It can be caused by tendonitis, bursitis, bone spurs, or weakened tendons. You’re most likely to sustain a rotator cuff injury by reaching overhead repeatedly, although a rotator cuff can also be torn or strained as the result of a fall or auto accident.

Although the elbow does not have the same range of motion as the shoulder, it is still a vulnerable joint. Those who play baseball, tennis, and golf are highly susceptible to elbow pain and injuries including:

At SPORT, we will identify the source of your pain and then utilize state-of-the-art therapeutic techniques that focus on restoring your range of motion.

Depending on the specific condition and its severity, these treatment options may include physical therapy, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, slings and supports, cortisone shots, or shoulder or elbow surgery.

If you have an acute or chronic shoulder or elbow injury that needs medical attention, call SPORT at (469) 200-28322 to arrange a consultation or you can request one online. Hurt today? We can arrange a same-day urgent care visit to ensure you get fast, effective relief.

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